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Polygon Pet Nest of Intelligence

This product is a house for pets, mainly a pet house with intelligent voice function. It can set the temperature according to the weather, so that the pet can rest at the right temperature. At the same time, it has the detection of temperature and humidity, so that the owner can better understand the temperature and humidity status of the pet nest. The pet owner can use the mobile phone for remote wireless control of the pet nest.

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Lemo Pet-01

This is a litter box with automatic operation and health monitoring function. This product can automatically clean up after the cat is excreted, and automatically fill it when the cat litter is insufficient. It can be interconnected with cell phones to analyze the cat’s life patterns through data network and AI, and digitally present the cat’s health status. It is designed to be integrated into the home environment. A variety of stickers can be selected at the entrance of the litter box to show the personality of the cat owner.

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The Natural Fountain

The Natural Fountain adopts a timeless, non-artificial design language, showing the modern people's attitude of pursuing a cozy lifestyle. The soft top surface creates a puddle and conveys the pure concept of minimalism. The process of pets drinking from the puddle reminds people of a natural way of life. The product embodies the primitive connection between humans, pets and nature. Meanwhile, it is equipped with UV sterilization and water circulation filter system. Therefore, it provides a healthy way for pets to drink water.

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Scratch Cave

Scratch Cave is a small cat furniture. People and cat can create their own way of playing. Its inspiration comes from the imagination of nature in childhood that people can place it like a toy corner and participate in the process of playing. Using natural materials and arc bridge shapes to awaken the natural instinct of cats about mountains, caves, and a sense of security. It has six times the scratch area of the ordinary cat scratchers, extending the service life and reducing the garbage. The packaging box is designed to be reused, which extends the cat sofa function as an accessory.

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The Pudu pet house is a piece of furniture that pleases owners and their domestic animals at the same time. The design is composed of a canvas and a steel structure fixed together by pressure buttons. The set draws a fluid shape of a classic and minimalist pet house creating a roof, and a hanging bed with a pillow. The project has the goal to improve animals' well-being during resting moments giving them their own spot inside de house. Customizable with different options of colors and easy to clean, Pudu is also planned to reflect the owner's interior design style.

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Saturn is a pet house with a modern style. Making full use of surplus materials of modern wood processing, this product reduces material waste and adheres to the maxim of sustainability. Moreover, it integrates elegance and utilization for a stunning view of modern home space. The design team is inspired by the surplus materials during the production of modern furniture, which is premium in quality but cannot be reused for its sizes. Thus, they refer to the football and assemble the wood into a regular round shape.

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