Gaming Controller:exeo by Sushant Vohra

Sushant Vohra Portrays The Exeo Gaming Controller

Sushant Vohra, the architect of the awarded design EXEO - Gaming Controller by Sushant Vohra points out, Exeo modular gaming controllers are a range of motion sensing controllers that allow the gamers to make their own customized controller for ever <Cropped>

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Design Against War

Emergency, Sosdesign and Desall Invite You to Design Spaces, Products and Services to Meet Lifestyle and Medical Needs in Regions Affected by Ideas Contest On Emergency, Sosdesign and Desall Invite You to Design Spaces, Products and Se

Emergency, sosdesign and desall invite you to design spaces, products and services to meet lifestyle and medical needs in regions affected by war.New ideas contest on emergency, sosdesign and desall invite you to design spaces, products a <Cropped>

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Cinema by Oft Interiors Ltd

Oft Interiors Ltd. Illustrates The Stella Voyage Cinema

Oft Interiors Ltd., the creative mind behind the award winning work Cinema by Oft Interiors Ltd. says, Welcome aboard to this spacecraft that brings different kinds of experience. In order to bring out the sentiment of space travel, marbles with shar <Cropped>

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Servvan by Dmitry Pogorelov

Dmitry Pogorelov Portrays The Servvan Robotic Vehicle

Dmitry Pogorelov, the project leader of the displayed work Robotic vehicle by Dmitry Pogorelov points out, It is a project of service vehicle for Resource Based Economy, forming a network with other vehicles. A single system allows to communicate wit <Cropped>

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Hilltop by Takbir Fatima

Takbir Fatima Shares The Hilltop School

Takbir Fatima, the designer of the award winning work Takbir Fatima's Hilltop School says, A charity school that had been run by a zakah-funded, not-for-profit educational trust for the last six years finally required a building. The site is loc <Cropped>

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Award Winning Isle of Islay Residential House

Sung-Yen Hsieh Illustrates The Isle of Islay Residential House

SUNG-YEN HSIEH, the thinktank behind the highlighted project Isle of Islay - Residential House by SUNG-YEN HSIEH explains, The space was cold with lack of light, which reminds the designer of Isle of Islay, the home of Ireland whiskey. Inspired by th <Cropped>

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Award Winning Desire Chair

Vasil Velchev Demonstrates The Desire Chair

Vasil Velchev, the project leader of the displayed design Chair by Vasil Velchev points out, Desire is a chair which have the purpose to increase your passion and lust with its smooth shape and soft color. It is not for people looking for relax, its <Cropped>

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Healty Foods by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Portrays The Secret Plan For a Thousand Years Healty Foods

The lead designer of the displayed design healty foods by Acclaimed Designer explains, Since the price of a product is determined depending on form and color dividing the grade of red ginseng roots, it was divided with the words, 'Hui(joy), Ae( <Cropped>

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Golden Pin Design Award & Golden Pin Concept Design Award 2019

Taiwan’s Golden Pin Design Award 2019 Call For Entries Is Now Open. The Award Is a Golden Opportunity For Companies, Design Teams, and Individuals From All Around The Globe to Demonstrate Design Excellence in Taiwan, Asia, and Beyond. The Early Bird Ent

Taiwan’s golden pin design award 2019 call for entries is now open. the award is a golden opportunity for companies, design teams, and individuals from all around the globe to demonstrate design excellence in taiwan, asia, and beyond. the early bir <Cropped>

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Artwork, Brooch:the End Is The Beginning by Yuelin Hua

Yuelin Hua Spotlights The The End Is The Beginning Artwork, Brooch

Yuelin Hua, the project leader of the displayed design Award Winning The end is the beginning Artwork,Brooch demonstrates, Yuelin Hua,she comes from a myserious place with 25 ethnic minorities,dense virgin forest,rolling mountains,serene lake and Sha <Cropped>

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