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The Pudu pet house is a piece of furniture that pleases owners and their domestic animals at the same time. The design is composed of a canvas and a steel structure fixed together by pressure buttons. The set draws a fluid shape of a classic and minimalist pet house creating a roof, and a hanging bed with a pillow. The project has the goal to improve animals' well-being during resting moments giving them their own spot inside de house. Customizable with different options of colors and easy to clean, Pudu is also planned to reflect the owner's interior design style.

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Saturn is a pet house with a modern style. Making full use of surplus materials of modern wood processing, this product reduces material waste and adheres to the maxim of sustainability. Moreover, it integrates elegance and utilization for a stunning view of modern home space. The design team is inspired by the surplus materials during the production of modern furniture, which is premium in quality but cannot be reused for its sizes. Thus, they refer to the football and assemble the wood into a regular round shape.

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Clic is a premium product designed with modular assembly, that makes repairs and disassembly of it easy, so its life cycle could be extended compared to other similar products. The simple build-up creates an opportunity for easy functional and stylistic customization, the user can mix and match colors and materials, choose between different straps and swap them without any tool. The straightforward, functional design of Clic is easily operable by the oversized button that allows perfect timing during dog training.

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Fenced Traveler

Fenced Traveler is a design concept redefining the pet outing bag, increasing the interaction, and changing the experience of people and small pets in outdoor entertainment. When you need to take your pets outdoors for entertainment, just put your pets into Fenced Traveler. After you reach the lawn, put down the bag and form a closed outdoor space through the built-in structure, and then release the pets for entertainment interaction. While feeling the natural environment, Fenced Traveler can liberate pet owners, protect the safety of pets, and allow each other to play more freely.

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Dog Kennel

This sleeping place for dogs and cats is ergonomically designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, safe, long lasting, 100% recyclable, manufactured from HDPE via rota-moulding, inviting for dogs to be used as sleeping place giving the animal the feel of a"safe cave". The doubble wall design also aids in temperature insulation on hot and cold climates.

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K9 Shut Eye

The "dog nest" is ergonomic, designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, safe, long lasting, 100% recyclable and inviting for dogs and cats to be used as sleeping place giving the animal the feel of a"safe nest". Ease of manufacture was also a main criteria. In addition each unit can be personalised by providing a plaque for name engraving

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