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The Pet Carrier

The Arlo Skye Pet Carrier improves the flight experience for both pet and owner. Providing comfort for the Pet thanks to the 1-inch memory foam mattress. A top and side access that makes interaction with the pet easier. its rectangular silhouette provides good interior space for the pet, staying within the approved airline dimensions. And meshed windows on all sides for airflow and general comfort for the pet. it also has built-in storage for treats and trolley sleeve for luggage attachment.

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This is not a fancy speaker, this is a cat litter box. Yep. Check again. It really is. And a beautiful one. One you want to put into you homes and apartments. You do all the work of making your home beautiful and cosy, why should a litter box not be part of all that. Why is the litter box always the weird looking object in the room. We wanted to create a gorgeous lifestyle cat litter box at a very competitive price. This is a litter box especially designed for the smaller living spaces. A combination of soft looks and high end materials. And soft. So soft. You and your cat wil love it.

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This is not only a Dog Collar, it's a Dog Collar with a detachable necklace. Frida is using quality leather with solid brass. When designing this piece she had to consider a simple secure way of attaching the necklace while the dog is wearing the collar. The collar also had to have a luxurious feel without the necklace. With this design, a detachable necklace, the owner can adorn their dog when they wish.

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Domik Ptashki

Due to the monotonous lifestyle and lack of sustainable interaction with Nature, a person lives in a state of constant breakdown and internal dissatisfaction, which does not allow him to enjoy life to the fullest. It can be fixed by expanding borders of perception and gaining new experience of Human-Nature interaction. Why birds? Their singing positively affects human mental health, also birds protect environment from insect pests. The project Domik Ptashki is an opportunity to create helpful neighborhood and to try on the ornithologist role by observing and taking care of birds.

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If you have a cat, you've probably had at least two out of these three problems while choosing a home for her: lack of aesthetics, sustainability, and comfort. But this pendant module solves these problems by combining three factors: 1) Minimalism design: simplicity of form and variability of color design; 2) Eco-friendly: wood waste (sawdust, shavings) is safe for the cat's and her owner’s health; 3) Universality: the modules are combined with each other, allowing you to create a separate cat apartment inside your home.

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The designer’s objective was to solve problems in dog raising 1-person households. Canine animals’ anxiety disorders and physiological problems are rooted from prolonged period of caretakers' abscense. Due to their small living spaces, caretakers shared living environment with companion animals, causing sanitary problems. Inspired from the pain points, the designer came up with a care robot that 1. plays and interacts with companion animals by tossing treats, 2. cleans up dusts and crumbs after indoor activities, and 3. takes in odors and hair when companion animals take rest.

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